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Hey, Welcome to my blog.

This year I’m working through my very big to be read list ( probably few news ones thrown in ) and I’ll be writing reviews and posting them when I can. ( This largely depends on my health)

Anyway, I wrote a very short review on goodreads about her first book in this series. ’The Mermaids Singing’ I thought I would it pop here.


Publisher: Harper

Publication Date:  1995

Genre: Thriller/Police Procedure

Format: Kindle

Buy Links: Amazon


Wow just wow 😮. This book is absolutely amazing. It grabs you and does not let go and keeps you going as you want/need and have to read the next book.

The characters are really well written and seem so unbelievably real. You really do get a sense of every aspect of the characters.

I absolutely loved the psychology in this book and you actually learn so so much.

I highly recommend this book

Moving onto my review today.


Publisher: Harper Collins

Publication Date: 1997

Genre: Thriller/Police Procedure

Format: Kindle

Buy Links: Amazon




Young girls are disappearing around the country, and there is nothing to connect them to one another, let alone the killer whose charming manner hides a warped and sick mind.

Dr Tony Hill, head of the new National Profiling Task Force, sets his team an exercise: they are given the details of missing teenagers and asked to discover any possible links between the cases. Only one officer comes up with a theory – a theory that is ridiculed by the group … until one of their number is murdered and mutilated.

For Tony Hill, the murder becomes a matter for personal revenge and, joined by colleague Carol Jordan, he embarks on a campaign of psychological terrorism – a game where hunter and hunted can all too easily be reversed.


It does start slow but my goodness once you really get into reading this book, it is amazing. Shocking, horrifying and really gets you thinking about celebrity/public figures in general and what they choose to show and not show to there fans.

I got just a little bit excited when my little town was mentioned in this book. And as I know the surrounding areas, it felt even more real for me.

Dr Tony Hill, What can you actually say about him. He’s an absolute belter of a character. Val really did her research and she managed to really get into the minds of psychologists. He is realistic and fascinating. He is somebody you would listen to in awe and peck his brain if you was seriously into the ins and outs of psychologists.

Detective Carol Jordan is the perfect partner to work with Dr. Hill and her character has started to develop and we are getting to know her. She is a very likeable character but intelligence and tough.

The plot was outstanding and very clever. This is as thrilling as a serial killer thriller book/series can get. I loved how Val really got deep into the mind and the world of the killer. His character, personality everything is spot on.

I love the added extra politics, jealousy etc in the police force. And how doubtful and the lack of support in having a psychologist within the police for high profile cases back then. And mentioning of how the community/society reacted to other sexuality’s in those days.

Overall this was a fantastic second book and a great follow on from her first.

I can not wait to keep reading this series and dive back into the land which is Dr.Tony Hill and Detective Inspector Carol Jordan.

Thank you very much for reading my review.





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