Spare Room by Dreda Say Mitchell. #bookreview

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Publisher: Bloodhound Books

Publication Date: 29th January 2019

Format: Kindle

Genre: Psychological Thriller

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Home Is Where The Nightmare Is

Beautiful double room to let to single person

Lisa, a troubled young woman with a past, can’t believe her luck when she finds a beautiful room to rent in a large house. The live-in owners are a kind and welcoming couple. Everything is fine until she finds a suicide note hidden in her room. But when the couple insist this man didn’t exist and that Lisa is their first tenant, Lisa begins to doubt herself.

Compelled to uncover the secrets of the man who lived in the room before her, Lisa is alarmed when increasingly disturbing incidents start to happen. Someone doesn’t want Lisa to find out the truth.

As the four walls of this house and its secrets begin to close in on Lisa, she descends into a hellish hall of mirrors where she’s not sure what’s real and what’s not as she claws her way towards the truth…

This room has already claimed one victim?

Is it about to take another?:


This is my first book by this author and I think this is her first book in a different genre.

This book literally gripped me from the very start. It normally takes me days to read a book but I couldn’t stop reading this book I HAD to find out what was next and the only reason it took me a day is because I eventually passed out from exhaustion for 6 hours.

It is really well written. And She showed and didn’t tell us. You could literally see the story happening in your mind like a TV program or a movie. And that’s what I really love about reading. I love getting really into the story, the character etc. Like your watching it play out. 

Lisa has mental health issues and she has not long come out of the hospital due to a suicide attempt and was given and taking anti-depressants. She suffers from nightmares, hallucinations and much more. Her scars don’t just run deep inside her but she has scars on her body which she discretely hides under clothes.

She becomes a tenant in a spare room owned by Landlords Martha and Jack. The house is an old Victorian house.

But this wasn’t a simple story, Oh my it literally had you twisting, turning at every nerve-biting moment. There wasn’t one moment in this book where you thought oh I’ve got it, just when you have even one inclination, like the flick of the light switch it was gone. You didn’t know who to love, hate, who was lying, telling the truth, who was good or bad.

I thought this was a very articulate way of representing mental health issues. I had many moments in this book that I thought.. oh that’s how I feel, that’s what I do. Obviously each and everyone is different but I liked that I could also understand why Lisa was acting the way she was ( without knowing the whole story)

This is one of the best thrillers I’ve read in a long time. It was different and I loved that I couldn’t even guess what the hell was going off and was left holding my breath and my mouth dropping open at the end.

I don’t want to write too much although I could go on and on because I don’t want to leak any spoilers. But if you haven’t read this book yet, you need too. I highly recommend.



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