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Publisher: Constable

Published Date: 7th June 2018

Genre: Crime

Format: Kindle

Buy Here: Amazon





A serial killer is burning people alive in the Lake District’s prehistoric stone circles. He leaves no clues and the police are helpless. When his name is found carved into the charred remains of the third victim, disgraced detective Washington Poe is brought back from suspension and into an investigation he wants no part of . . .

Reluctantly partnered with the brilliant, but socially awkward, civilian analyst, Tilly Bradshaw, the mismatched pair uncover a trail that only he is meant to see. The elusive killer has a plan and for some reason Poe is part of it.

As the body count rises, Poe discovers he has far more invested in the case than he could have possibly imagined. And in a shocking finale that will shatter everything he’s ever believed about himself, Poe will learn that there are things far worse than being burned alive …


This book has it all, amazing plot, incredibly interesting characters and beautifully described setting.

A powerful, unexpected and cracking start to a new unique crime series.

Poe is a developing superb character who is fascinating. He seems genuinely realistic as a detective and as a person than any books I’ve previously read. He will stop at nothing and follows the evidence no matter where it takes him, whatever the consequences.

Now Tilly, I am absolutely completely in love with her and her character. She is unique and quirky. A very well researched thought out presentation of someone based on the autism spectrum. He has managed to make her into a person despite others zoning into just her disorder ( as many do in the real world). She is definitely one of the characters I desperately need and have to find out more background, anything just more about her.

Tilly and Poe is a duo is absolutely genius, they just work. They bounce of each other although they are so very different. It’s a relationship where being completely opposite just bloody works.

Now for the plot, it was jaw-droppingly, intense, gruesome and very dark. I had absolutely no idea who the serial killer was and he left absolutely no clues even for experienced Detective Washington Poe but it left you shocked at the final conclusion and Poe didn’t realise just how personal the investigation was to him. I loved the information about the stone circles as well as the awesome characters and plot we have a mini history less tangled in between.

The next in this crime series is the ‘Black Summer’ which will be out in June this year and to say I’m absolutely thrilled and very inpatient is an understatement. Is it June yet and do I really have to wait that long? I already have it on pre-order. Now for the nail-biting intense couple of months to wait…

I give this book all the hearts and it is absolutely well deserved every single one.




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