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Publisher: Ebury Press

Publishing Date: 24th January 2019

Genre: Memoirs & Biography

Format: Kindle / NetGalley



What do you do when the person you’re meant to trust the most in the world is the one trying to destroy you?

‘When people met her they thought how lovely she was, this attractive woman with a beautiful laugh. But she was one person in public and another behind closed doors. Who would she be today? The loving mother? The trusted teacher? The monster destroying my life?’ 

Olivia has been afraid ever since she can remember. Out of sight, she was subjected to cruelty and humiliation at the hands of the one person who should have loved and protected her at all times – her mother, Josephine. 

While appearing completely normal to the outside world, Josephine displayed all the signs of being a psychopath – unbeknown to her daughter until adulthood – and Olivia grew up feeling scared, worthless and exploited. Even when she found the courage to cut ties, her mother found new ways to manipulate and deceive, attempting to destroy her life with a vicious campaign of abuse. 

Now Olivia has come to terms with her past and gives a fascinating, harrowing and deeply unsettling insight into what it’s like growing up with a psychopathic parent.


I absolutely love memoirs and I feel totally uneasy about loving this book. Because not one thing in this book is ’good’ except finding her strength to walk away with fantastic support.

This story well actually, I can’t really say this a story because it is Olivia’s life but it is honestly heartbreaking, harrowing, and unnerving. This book makes you feel every emotion going. But mostly anger and feeling completely on edge throughout. And also a massive amount of respect and love for Olivia that she got through the absolute terror of her childhood and using her life story to spread awareness and support. And if her words help just one person then every single word matter.

This is a book on Olivia’s life growing up with a mother who is a psychopath. We all think of psychopaths as murders we see it everywhere, we watch documentaries if you’re a true crime addict like me. But I don’t think we truly understand. And this book will shock you and make you question the world.

I love that the chapters were divided into the individual symptoms of being a psychopath. And this most definitely is a book that will stick with you for life that everybody should read.

I love that Olivia has kept her identity private and I am glad she has because she deserves to be able to get on with her life and not allow her past to take anything from her future. You are an amazingly strong and brave woman and I truly hope that your future is outstanding and you are winning every minute of the day you are away from your mother and not letting her define who you are.

If you love memoirs and you want a story that will stick with you for life then please grab this book and read every single word. It’s worth every second.

Olivia Rayne works for a global marketing agency, where she takes pride in championing the women around her. A firm believer in the idea that your past pain is not what defines you, she hopes ‘My Mother, The Psychopath’ will raise awareness of the insidious nature of psychological parental abuse. She is also hopeful that her story will help people in similar situations, reminding them that they possess the strength to break free, as she did. Olivia lives on the sunny South Coast with her lovely cat and even lovelier boyfriend.

I got this book for free from NetGalley in return for an honest unbiased book review. All opinions are my own.


5 responses to “My Mother The Psychopath By Olivia Rayne. #bookblogger #Bookblog # memoir #mymotherthepsychopath @Oliviarayne1 @SMNelson_Author @netgalley #bookreview

  1. This memoir sounds incredible, although I’m sure it’s disturbing too. It’s interesting that it’s broken up into individual symptoms of being a psychopath. I’m definitely going to think about picking this one up; it sounds like there are very important messages within it.

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