Girl Watching You By J.A.Schneider #Bookreview #Girlwatchingyou

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Today, I have a book review on GIRL WATCHING YOU By J.A. Schneider. The author kindly gave me an advanced readers copy for my honest opinion.

I received this book for free from the The Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Girl Watching You By J.A.Schneider #Bookreview #GirlwatchingyouGIRL WATCHING YOU by J.A. Schneider
on June 27, 2019
Published by Independently Published Pages: 272
Format: ARC, Kindle
Source: The Author

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A young woman, obsessed by a man she considers a predator, climbs a fire escape and thinks she sees a murder.

Out of work actress Ava Beck, reduced to working in a West Village flower shop, starts to watch womanizing hedge funder Peter Greer, who lives near. He likes to romance his girlfriends with flowers.

Ava notices bruises on his troubled-looking date named Chloe. Concerned, she follows them after work to Chloe's studio, second floor in the rear of a brownstone. She hears them arguing, climbs up the fire escape just as Greer angrily sees her...and plunges into a world of stunning twists, murder and madness worse than any she could have imagined...

Another new to me author and the first book I have read. I have had my eye on her books for awhile so when she asked for book reviewers I jumped at the change to receive an ARC.

My goodness. I enjoyed this book so much. I got totally suckered in. I absolutely LOVE the main character.

Ava was once an actress and married. Until the death of her sister which she adamant was a murder not an accident. She ended splitting up with ex husband to be, Alex who is actually the person who is working on getting and helping to convict her sisters ex boyfriend as the killer which is proving extremely difficult.

Ava who is struggling with her mental health especially anxiety and panic attacks which I would like to praise the author on portraying is this book. Also hints of domestic abuse within this bus.

She finds herself working in an local flower shop to help her depression,anxiety keeping busy is what specifically helps her.

What starts off as an innocent day turn her whole world upside down after witnessing and seeing bruises on the wrist of another of Peter greeter girlfriends. Ava being more alert of domestic violence due to her sisters death decided to follow Chloe home which upon the fire escape she comes against Peter and Chloe fighting.

The next day she is found murdered, all eyes are on Peter greerer. But is it him?

Extremely fast paced grabbing page-turner. Connectable characters. Interesting story line with plenty of depth and twists. Quick and shorter read. Well written.

I would highly recommend.


J.A. (Joyce Anne) Schneider is a former staffer at Newsweek Magazine. She is the author of the Embryo medical thriller series, and of the Detective Kerri Blasco Police/Psychological Thrillers Fear Dreams, Her Last Breath, and Watching You.

She loves to hear from her readers. Contact or come say Hi Below:

Email address | Website | Facebook.

Also join her website’s Newsletter to hear about sales and new books about to release! She lives with her family in Connecticut, loves gardening, and is working on her next, Detective Kerri Blasco thriller.

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