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Today I am Sharing with you my beautiful book review on LITTLE EDEN by KT King.

Thank you to the Author KT King for allowing me to read and review your book.

As a blogger with Fibromyalgia and ME\CFS. I saw this book being shared around on ME awareness day. When I realised why the author and other bloggers were sharing this book. I jumped at the chance when I was offered to review it to help and support another ME\CFS warrior and of course new author.

It’s harrowing and frustrating how many people are affected by ME\CFS. And we all suffer vastly different. But I hate that many of us are left house or bed bound from this debilitating chronic invisible illness. And on the worse end of it, people have no option but not to work and many suffer having to rely on disability benefits. Which many people in the UK, USA and other parts of the world are left without any disability benefits, losing their homes, food, medication, independence, self-respect, being deeply depressed\suicidial and much more. And sometimes even those who do work are advised/pushed to medically retire and are signed off sick from the doctors.

Some of us do NOT have a choice. It’s not because we are lazy, can’t be arsed to work, enjoy sleeping all the time or having naps, because we are overweight or underweight, need to think positive, exercise, sleep properly etc. It’s Real.

So very fucking real.

To find out more about CFS\ME please visit #MEACTION and ME Association.

To find out more about KT King and Little Eden… Go to the bottom of this post.

Anyway, that is the end of my little chitter chatter.

Now for the book review below…

I received this book for free from the Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Little Eden By KT King. #Bookreview #LittleEden @KTKINGbooks #bookblogger #bookbloggersLittle Eden by KT King
on October, 30 2019
Published by Independently Published Genres: Fantasy, Mystery
Pages: 298
Format: Kindle, ARC
Source: Author
Reading Challenges: Reading Challenge 2019

2012. Little Eden, London, England.

The beautiful sanctuary town of Little Eden is under threat.

Human greed, selfishness and disregard are about to turn the last 1,000 years to dust.

Robert Bartlett-Hart must make a choice.

With the help his friends (plus plenty of tea and cake), Robert learns that there is more at stake than just Little Eden.

Something lies at the heart of Abbey; something that stands between mankind and Armegeddon.

The friends must navigate past lives, other dimensions, and even Heaven itself, to find a way to save Little Eden and themselves.

Will Little Eden survive to usher in a new age, or will humanity perish with it?

Full disclosure: I don’t read many fantasies, spiritual or magic books. Not because I don’t believe or not believe it’s something that’s never 100% hooked me. I have a very open mind in many ways. Also, respect everyone and their beliefs.

But I freaking loved this book. So much so I purposely slowed down reading this book and read bits and pieces before I went to bed. Somehow and I think this was the author’s intention which really did work. I felt calm, relaxed and totally invested with Little Eden and the many wonderful characters.

Little Eden is a little town in London, surrounded by walls. It’s a place of beautiful people, beautiful businesses. I really want to go and chill in No.1 Daisy Place Cafe and Bookstore, reading a book talking to the lovely people of the town. And of course, eating cake and drinking tea.

Aunt Lily, A trustee of Little Eden dies who very much sounds like a wonderful person and unfortunately, some of the people left in Little Eden trust wants to sell up.

Which threatens peoples businesses, homes, peace and happiness in this unique town. A place so different and beautiful from the rest of the world.

Where spirituality and magic are so very alive and real.

I loved all the characters, there are so many but I think I absolutely love Sophie who suffers from Chronic Fatigue. She moved back to Little Eden when she could no longer work and lost her home. I also love how the people around here are accepting of her illness and understand that she is very much ill which in real life this isn’t always the case. Sophie presents and raises awareness of a little tiny slice of what having ME/CFS is like and how hard it is to cope with.

The writing was awesome sort of like magic, compelling, captivating and putting you under a rather epic spell.

If you want a book you can escape to full of magic, spiritualism, hope, amazing beautiful enchanting characters then this is the book for you. It is not a book that fits into one single genre. It is many woven together, a bit of something for everyone.

KT King was born in 1973, East Yorkshire, England. She attended university in Lancaster and Cambridge but in her early twenties found that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, along with congenital spinal problems (causing severe chronic pain), prevented her from working full-time.

She began re-training as a healer to help with her own health issues and in 2000 trained as a Reiki healer. Over the course of several years, she went onto train as a Hypnotherapist, Counsellor and Reflexologist. She became a teacher and a spiritual guide to other healers.

Since 2012, KT has been too ill to work more than a few days a month and so has dedicated the time she can to her lifelong ambition of becoming a writer.

KT says “Several years ago I bumped into a childhood friend who, when she found out I was writing a book, reminded me that we used to play The Famous Five together but I didn’t want to be one of the characters, I wanted to be Enid Blyton! So, it’s only taken 40 years to realise my dream! I wanted to create a novel in which my friends, who are healers an lightworkers, would see ourselves portrayed in reality rather than pushed into fantasy or ridiculed. A novel in which we could say – that really happens to me!”

Due to ill health and (as many CFS sufferers find), she is not entitled to any disability or state benefits of any kind and is reliant on the charity of her family to provide food and shelter. Having lost her home and her business in 2012, she hopes to make enough money from her series of Little Eden books to one day have a home again.

KT Loves to hear from her readers…

Website | Facebook | Twitter

KT King also has an Etsy shop where you can buy jewellery and other handmade nick nacks that are inspired by her book. You can find it here.

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