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Hi, Today I have a book review for COLD IS THE CALLER By Emmy Ellis. 

I don’t think it’s ANY secret that I love Emmy Ellis and her amazing books. So I pre-ordered it as soon it went up for pre-order. And I was sooo excited when it popped onto my Kindle on July 1st.

So without further ado, below is my book review.

Book Review: Cold is the Caller By Emmy Ellis. #bookreview #DIBethanySmith #EmmyEllis #bookbloggerCold is the Caller: SOMEONE HAS AN AXE TO GRIND (DI Bethany Smith Book 1) by Emmy Ellis
on July 01, 2019
Published by Self-published Amazon Genres: Crime, Mystery, Detective
Pages: 170
Format: Kindle
Source: Bought

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DI Bethany Smith is called out to a murder scene where the state of the body is like nothing she’s ever seen before. The victim, a male, has been left in a terrifying mess. Why? What do the clues left behind mean? They’re not obviously pointing to anything, and working it out is nigh on impossible.

Then a second body is found, a woman this time, and the connection between the dead isn’t apparent—apart from the same clues being present.

With a third body, things make sense. Someone has a serious issue and intends to let the players in the game know it—but who the hell is it?

A fourth body links them all in a chilling way.

What does a skull image have to do with it? Why red contact lenses? And why is a vacuum cleaner one of the tools of the killer’s trade?

Oh, My bloody Jesus! This has to be the most fucked-up, gruesome, sick inducing and horror-stricken book that Emmy has wrote to date. If you’re sensitive then, I would be cautious but even so, you don’t want to miss reading this book at all.

I will never ever look at a Hoover in the same way ever again….

I liked how we got into the mind of the killer as it is told from his POV as well DI Bethany Smith.

I am absolutely loving DI Bethany Smith. She is such a loveable, funny character and you will love her the very minute you ‘meet’ her.

I love how DI Tracy Collier is woven ever so slightly into this book too.

You are slung straight into the mind of the killer and the horrific terrifying bodies that are left behind. DI Bethany Smith is shocked and has never ever seen such awful crime scenes. As the body count rises, she is dumbstruck as to what slowly comes to light and its a race against time to find the killer before the body count keeps rising.

It takes you on terrifying, shocking, and stomach twisting, diabolical, despicable turn of events. It is like nothing else. A truly unbelievable wretched storyline. It has you hooked, line and sinker. And oh my, it is a tear-jerker of an ending even for the cold-hearted person which is me. So many tears.

As always it is incredibly well written, fast-paced, and addictive.

I also love 😍 that my beautiful cat’s name, Shyla was used within this book.

I can’t wait for book number two which is DOWN IN THE GARDEN which comes out August 1st. Already pre-ordered. Now the long wait another tear-inducing moment haha!!

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