Where The Snow Bleeds by Wendy Dranfield | Blog Tour #review #blogtour #bookreview @WendyDranfield @Rubyfiction @rararesources

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Where The Snow Bleeds by Wendy Dranfield | Blog Tour #review #blogtour #bookreview  @WendyDranfield @Rubyfiction @rararesources

Hello and Welcome

I am super pleased to be hosting this Blog Tour with a Book Review for…..

Where the snow bleeds

By Wendy Dranfield.

With Many Book loving thanks to Rachel at Rachels Random Resources, Ruby Fiction and Wendy Dranfield.

Now without further ado, Let’s crack on with my review below…

I received this book for free from the Blog Tour Organisers, Rachel’s Random Resources in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Where The Snow Bleeds by Wendy Dranfield | Blog Tour #review #blogtour #bookreview  @WendyDranfield @Rubyfiction @rararesourcesWhere the Snow Bleeds by Wendy Dranfield
on July 30, 2019
Published by Ruby Fiction Genres: Fiction, Crime, Thrillers, Suspense
Pages: 337
Format: Kindle, ARC


“You want to know what I’ve learnt after living in Lone Creek all my life? I know the snow bleeds here …”Former police officer Dean Matheson has been playing it safe since the case that cost him almost everything. But working as a PI doesn’t quite cut it, that is until a British woman walks into his office with a job that Dean can’t resist. The woman’s daughter, Hannah Walker, and her friend Jodie have gone missing whilst working at a ski resort in Colorado. It’s clear there’s something sinister about the girls’ disappearance, but then why are the local police department being so unhelpful?So begins Dean’s journey to Lone Creek on the trail of the missing girls – and he’ll soon find out that in Lone Creek, everyone has something to hide …

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My Review

OMG. What the bleeding hell did I just read… One bloody hell of a book I would say… My reactions below in the form of gifs…



Dean Matheson is currently working as Private Investigator In Las Vagas, he was a police officer back in Maple Valley but due to past circumstances and events, he decided he needed a new fresh start away from his old town.
Along with his awesome dog Rocky, he is indifferent of finding pets for a living and minuscule investigating jobs.
Until he was contacted by Jackie Walker to help him find her daughter Hannah Walker and Her friend Jodie. They have both gone missing from a ski resort in Lone Creek. The law enforcement doesn’t seem interested and thinks that the two girls have jumped town leaving all their belongings behind and no contact with anybody.

Dean travels up to Lone Creek with Rocky to investigate the missing girls, where he meets Eva who is a Detective working for Maddison Police Department who has taken over the case.

The plot is distinctive, grabbing and skillfully absorbing and intriguing.

While I LOVED this book, I didn’t realise or forgot this was Book Two, although there were some underlying details that I think were in Book One. I don’t think I missed out on TOO much but it can definitely be read as a standalone. But after reading this one I highly HIGHLY recommend reading book one Who Cares If They Die which magically materialized on to my kindle, and I’m super stoked to read it.



Dean Matheson

Oh, I loved Dean, he is an incredibly fascinating character, down to earth, seemingly complicated to work out at first.

Eva Valdez

Isn’t she a world wind? I love a strong, independent female character.

Eva had just come back from a week off after her husbands funeral, who died in the line of duty. She isn’t getting along properly with her other colleagues, and she is angry and still greiving. She spots that the missing case hasn’t been properly investigated by lazy a colleague so she decides to investigate and a chance to get away from Madison PD for a week or two.

Dean and Eva turn out to be an awesome team together.

Other characters – all I will say is some other characters in this book are fucking terrifying. I have never in my life been scared of a character in a book, I can always compartmentalise. But fuck me twice and call me Mary, I am utterly freaked the fuck out.

Writing Style


This is some brilliant and remarkable writing. I thoroughly enjoyed the writing and book. This is dark, daring, terrifying, immensely tense and speeds your heart rate up to a whole distinctive level.



This starts of a little slow , but dam it speeds up and sends you on a dark and twisty ride.



Perfect 👌


A distinctive, grabbing and skillfully absorbing and intriguing book.

This is some brilliant and remarkable writing. I thoroughly enjoyed it. This is dark, daring, terrifying and immensely tense.

About The Author

Wendy is a former Coroner’s Assistant turned crime writer who lives in the UK with her husband.

Who Cares If They Die and Where the Snow Bleeds are the first two books in the Dean Matheson
series, with more on the way. As well as her crime thriller series, Wendy has written a YA crime
novel – The Girl Who Died – and she has several short stories published in UK and US anthologies.

has also been shortlisted and longlisted for various competitions, including the Mslexia Novel

For behind the scenes gossip and updates on her books (or photos of her cats), follow her on social

Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

All the book love,

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