All About Me

Reading Is The Only Therapy She Needs, Sometimes.’ — Unknown

Well Hello There, I am Ami-May and I am 27 years old (I think). I live in a small town in Derbyshire, United Kingdom. It’s a lovely little town with beautiful landscapes in and around the surrounding areas. Well, it is when it’s not raining. This town should really have been called Rainsville. I was born and bred here.

I am a servant to a cat called Shyla who is the light and centre of my little world. She is a feisty and temperamental cat but under that little disguise is a sweet, beautiful and an entirely lovable cat. My reading and blogging companion ready with lots of cuddles and head butts along with some scratches and bites. 

I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) also known as Emotional Unstable Personality Disorder (EUPD) & Anxiety in October 2011. Then In 2016, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue (CFS) / Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.). Plus I get Miragines, I am Asthmatic etc.

Apart from reading which we will come too below. I love watching any and all crime. Probably obsessive ( No FBI /Police I am NOT a serial killer) True Crime Docs/Movies and Crime Dramas/Thrillers etc. I love all kinds of programmes and movies. I have probably exhausted Netflix and Prime etc. I love music. I love crafting well I used to. I did card making/papercrafts, knitting, colouring, cross-stitching and sewing/dressmaking etc. But unfortunately, I find it extremely difficult with my illnesses now which is infuriating and upsetting at times. 

I have ALWAYS loved reading from a young age, My mum had read books to me every night. But I don’t think I really got seriously into books until my teenage years. I struggled a hell of a lot with Insomnia, Depression and at that point undiagnosed BPD. I still do as well as Hyperinsomia. But my parents tried everything until I was left with books to read.

And there my passion for books/reading was born. They were and are my escapism and therapy for my mental illness and it grew into a coping mechanism for my chronic illnesses. 

That brings to me why I established — Reading Through The Pain. I love reading and writing so it was logical to start a book blog inspired by the many thousands of other book bloggers. Because I can’t work or honestly do a whole lot. Reading is one thing I can do anywhere and anytime. To be honest mostly from my bed of pillows in the dark with my Kindle although 70% of that is sleeping ( oh hey Hyperinsomia) 

My little happy place.

I love books. I love reading. I love all the authors whether they are published or self-published. I love writing. I love writing about books. And I love sharing the book love. As well as helping myself I do this for all the authors to give back something. They are my inspiration. Their words bring so much calm, peace and enjoyment into my world. They are the biggest comfort. The biggest therapy. The biggest medication. The perfect escapism. And you gain greater knowledge while reading.

I hope to one day become some kind of writer. Maybe write a book, short stories or articles. Who knows. That is my little dream.

But for now, I am just enjoying a quiet and peaceful life surrounded by books, reading them and writing/blogging about them with my little companion.

Please connect with me, I am on the vast majority of social media including my own little Facebook group. So come and join and let’s chat and share the book love together.

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