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May 3, 2020     Ami-May     Book Blogging Posts

Hello and Welcome To April 2020’s Wrap Up. I honestly thought April was a rubbish month for reading but it turns out I read Alot of books, well 16 books. I am excited to read all the books I’ve planned or scheduled for May.

April Reviews and Posts:

Cut You Dead By A.J.Waines.
My Rating: 5/5
‘It is a fucking marvellous book with no significant unfavourable negatives. You are addictively latched on from the first word to the very last. 
All the characters especially Sam was bloody extraordinary. I highly highly recommend this book and the author. I thoroughly 100% enjoyed and loved this book. I’m extremely excited about carrying on with reading book one and the other three in the series’
Ash Mountain By Helen Fitzgerald.
My Rating: 4/5.
‘Amusing opaque humour and one-liners. 
Some stunning distinct characters. It leaves you stunned and also deep in thought due to the subject matters. A crucial story told with Helens marvellous unique writing style.’
Silenced For Good By Alex Coombs.
My Rating 4/5.
‘An interesting plot with a beautifully described setting although after reading this book you may want to avoid it. A distinctive force to be reckoned with character. Satisfactory writing style. A series and author to watch out for.’
The Resident By David Jackson.
My Rating is 5/5 stars.
‘A phenomenal enthralling fast-paced scary rollercoaster of a ride which will have you shook and glued and bound to your chair never wanting the captivating ride to stop ever! David has created an epic disturbing dangerous and creepy fucked up serial killer who is comically funny. 1000% recommendation.’
What You’ve Done By J.A.Schneider.
My Rating: 5/5.
‘An extraordinarily well thought out and well crafted romantic suspense thriller with endearing, plausible, well-defined, in-depth and strenuous characters. A plot is full of tangles and knots and one you can’t put down until the tumultuous adept unbelievable conclusion.’
Wrong Victims By Graham H Miller
My Rating 4/5.
‘The plot is bloody fantastic. The murderer is one sick puppy who honestly commits the most abhorrent, gut-churning and monstrous murders. This book is grisly and spine-chilling with so many twists and turns. It is a real page-turner which I read in two sittings. Graham is a wonderful writer and has established a extraordinary opening with an incredible twisty conclusion’
Prey by L.A.Larkin
My Rating: 4.5/5
‘A fast-paced, nail-biting book with many many themes throughout and detailed descriptions of a couple of countries this is set across. Many likeable, unique and interesting characters and some relatively disgusting and gruesome characters amongst them. L.A.Larkin has created a terrific story. I wholly enjoyed this book which has everything you would want which is fastened in a nice little neat bow.’
D For Dead By Keri Beevis
My Rating: 5/5 ‘An eerie, raw, distinctive and tremendous plot with twists and turns aplenty. A Master of crime fiction, a master of relatable personalities through her characters. An epic ability to create exceptionally breathtaking and heart in the mouth prologue/opening chapters. A colourful, enthralling, exhilarating and a refreshing crime fiction.’
The Life We Almost Had By Amelia Henley
My Rating 5/5
OMFG, This book is out of this world bloody Fantastic, It is Emotive, Emotional, Heartbreaking, Heart-warming and a Unique read that will have you smiling, crying, brokenhearted, and utterly devastated that it is over. As the quote says above. ‘This is not your typical love story’ and Holy hell this is 100% the truth.’
One Mistake By Rona Halsall
My Rating: 4/5
An Engrossing, addictive, suspenseful thriller full of misdirections and twists and turns. intriguing characters you love and hate constantly changing your opinion throughout. A top-notch writer with a brilliant plot with multiple levels.’
The Soul Killer
By Ross Greenwood
(Review coming soon.)

The Nothing Man
By Catherine Ryan Howard (Review coming soon.)
Remember Me
By Amy McClellan
(Review coming soon.)
In Five Years
By Rebecca Serle
(Review coming soon)
Girl, Lost
By Vikki Patis
( Review coming soon!)

Plus many more which I will not bore you with 😂.

All In Her Head
By Nikki Smith
Title & Cover To Be Revealed
By Patricia Dixon.
(All I’m going to say LOOK out for this one and add it to your TBR List Immediately.)


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