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June 26, 2020     Ami-May     Authors, Let's Chat: An Interview With.., Book Blogging Posts

Hello there, Welcome to my Authors Let’s Chat – An Interview with… Feature. If you want to know more about the authors I feature, please carry on scrolling.

We are so very lucky to have authors in this world. Books are an essential need. We find or lose ourselves within the pages. But while we are reading their books. We would also love to know the person, the genuine person behind their writing.

So without further ado, Let me introduce you to TARYN LEIGH and let’s get to know her together. I am honoured to have you here on Reading Through The Pain. And Thank you very much for being interviewed.

1. Please tell my readers a little about yourself? 

I am a South African Based Author who grew up with my nose buried in books. That love for books resulted in me becoming an author, however for now that is a part time function, as full time I work in Procurement.

2. What inspired you to become a writer/author? 

I had tried writing when I was still in school, but struggled to get the book going. 

As an adult I met someone who encouraged me to try again. This time I tried writing my books in the third person narrative and the story just flowed.

3. What is the best thing about being a writer/author? 

Writing characters is like meeting new friends that live with you throughout your life.

The best thing about being able to share those stories and characters with the world is meeting readers who develop the same love for these characters as I do.

4. What is your writing routine like? 

Wow, I wish I could say I had a proper routine. But with a full time job, it’s not so simple. I usually write on weekends, when I get to go sit in a coffee shop alone for a few hours, or when I take leave from work. I prefer to write as much as possible in one go, rather than writing a few words every day.

5. How much time is spent on research?

Research for me is constant. When you watching the news, or reading a book, or sitting on the internet. When something sparks my interest I try to educate myself on it, so I can write about it. For example in my new book one of the characters is a nutritarian. So I read books on nutritarianism and watched YouTube videos.

6. How much of the book is planned out before you write it/them?

I plan a very basic plot. Who are the main characters, how the story starts, how is the mystery revealed, and how does it end. Everything else in between writes itself into the story, including all supporting characters. So when I write I am taken on a journey myself. Sometimes the characters even change the original plan, but it always ends up the best in the end.

7. What do you think is most important when writing a book? The characters, plot, setting, etc?

I think they all are equally important. The characters need to be interesting, and have something memorable about them. The plot needs to keep you turning the pages, and the setting needs to export you to a new wonderous place.

8. What is your latest book about? 

The Secret Letters is about a woman who overcomes an attack with the help of a mysterious stranger. It’s a story of hope and triumph. Friendship and love, as well as betrayal. 

The story shows that woman can overcome the worst of situations, and even though the book is one of fiction, it deals with real issues, like gender based violence, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder. With all my books, it’s a demonstration that with love we can overcome the worst of situations.

9. What inspired it? 

I met with someone named Alshandra, who told me a story of when she was attacked in her home by a stranger at night. Her heroic story of how she overcame that attack, as well as how she rose above it to become successful and live a full life, inspired the story. Although I used it as inspiration, the entire storyline around that particular event is entirely fiction, but I will have live chats on Social Media where I will have Alshandra share the true events of her story.

10. Why did you pick the genre or genres that you write in? 

I’ve always loved Romance, but also mystery and intrigue. I grew up with books by Enid Blyton, Sydney Sheldon and every romance author out there. So I guess my style of writing has elements of those people.

11. How did you go about getting a publishing deal? Or how did you become self-published?

I sent my books to every agent and publisher who was open for submissions.

After very many declines, I finally got smaller publishers agree to publish my books, which I happily accepted. 

Its very difficult being an author in the romance genre, who isn’t writing the main stream stuff, as agents are reluctant to sign you. However I feel my books have purpose, and there is no point writing what everyone else is writing. My books deal with real issues, and I am grateful for that.

12. Would you be enthralled in making your books into a movie or TV series?

I would love that. I must say when I watch romance movies, I always think my books would be so good in movies!

13. Any new books or plans for the future? 

Yes I need to get working on book three. I am still finalizing the plot in my mind before I put pen to paper.

14. What authors have been an influence on your writing?

Karen Swan, Sydney Sheldon and Enid Blyton have all been inspirational.

15. What writing advice would you have given yourself when you started? 

Just keep writing. Don’t go back and keep checking the last chapter for errors. That can be fixed later. Just let the story come out, and edit later.

16. What writing advice would you give to an aspiring writer or a new author to the block? 

Write what feels natural to you. Your voice as a writer needs to be unique. Don’t try to conform to what you think someone will like, and keep writing. Sometimes you might feel the story is going in the wrong direction, but keep writing. It will all come together in the end.

17. What has been your favourite book so far this year? 

This year I really loved the book by Julie Caplin called The Little Paris Patisserie.

18. What is your all-time favourite book and why? 

Christmas at Tiffany’s by Karen Swan. It takes you on an adventure, and every detail she writes is significant to the storyline.

19. What genre do you read?

Romance mainly, especially romance with elements of mystery.

20. What are you currently reading? 

Two Weeks by Karen Kingsbury.

21. What is on your To be read list? 

Oh wow there are too many to mention, but I try to support other less known authors in order to ensure not only main stream authors books are read. So Authors like Isabella May or Kiltie Jackson, or any authors in The Fiction Café Facebook Group.

22. Anything else you would like to add?

Thank you so much for reading my books and supporting us Authors who write unique stories. We truly appreciate your reviews and feedback, and I absolutely love your interactions on social media! It really encourages me to keep writing. Thank you!!

If you read my books, Perfect Imperfections or The Secret Letters, I would love to hear from you, and my inspiration for The Secret Letters is the quote ‘Perfect love casts out all fear’ so I hope if you are facing anxiety or fear right now, you find that perfect love to set you free.

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Thank you to Taryn Leigh for this awesome interview and for your beautiful books.


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