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Betray Her by Caroline England @CazEngland @BethWright26 @TheCrimeVault #BookReview #BlogTour #BetrayHer  #Paperback

Hello Friends, I am super ecstatic to share a BOOK REVIEW today for BETRAY HER by CAROLINE ENGLAND as part of my spot on the BLOG TOUR. Here are my honest and unbiased opinions on this book. I have chosen to review, this book from Little Brown UK who provided me with an Advanced Readers Copy.

Betray HerBetray Her by Caroline England
Publisher: Little Brown UK, Piatkus
Publication Date: July 16, 2020
Pages: 368
Source: Netgalley, Publisher
Genre: Hard-Boiled Mystery, Psychological Thriller, Psychological Thrillers, Thriller
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Best friends forever.

That's the pact you made.

You'd do anything for her.

And you have.

She's always had it all.

If you could take it for yourself . . . would you?

Rating: 9 out of 10.
Rating Report

Kate and Jo have been best friends since they started at St.Lukes ( Boarding School) at 8 years of age.
Now 30 years later. Kate is married to the handsome Tom with a 6-year-old daughter, Alice. Jo widowed 2 years ago when her husband, Richard passed away suddenly and unfortunately wasn't able to have children which she so desperately wants.

9 stars

What stood out for me in this novel is how Caroline has written such engaging, powerful, captivating characters, This is a riveting character-driven novel. I love how two very different girls from different ends of society end up becoming best friends, I love how we follow them from girls to women. How their childhood shaped who they became and also how different their adulthood turned out. And how two best friends keep so many secrets etc from each other and everybody else. You soon learn that you can never truly understand or know anyone 100%.

I love how England portrayed the parts when they were young children and how hard it can be as young girls with other children. How very real bullying is and how this affects children and can shape who they become.

9 stars
Writing Style/Pacing

This is told from Jo's point of view alternating from past to present day.

Caroline writing style is bloody superb, she knows how to write a cracking thriller that is unbelievably realistic and with some raw emotional dark themes weaved in but sensitivity achieved. This was a slow burner but was a hundred million per cent worth it for the shockingly explosive ending.

I'm still thinking about this book days later and to me, that is one incredible book. A book that still plays on your mind, is thought-provoking and extraordinary.

10 stars

Setting: Ah, the setting was scarily real for me living in and around where this is set, The beautiful Peak District, Hope Valley, Buxton, Lady Bower, Manchester and more. But I can tell you it is honestly spot-on, she captured and described the locations just wonderfully. And one in particular scene in this book was especially to real for me but so outstandingly terrific. These places may never be the same again.

Themes: Betrayal, Friendship, Loss, Jealously and Murder.

I can't say too much about the theme but it definitely delves into some pretty dark thought-provoking themes which may be triggering to some people most definitely. I don't really do trigger warning as such but I would say be cautious.

9 stars

Beautiful cover. I love the blue and pink combo stunning and eye-catching.

9 stars
Overall Thoughts

'This is a gritty, very dark plot with betrayal, friendship, loss and murder plus oh so much more packed into one thought-provoking psychological thriller.
I absolutely loved this book. And the ending came as quite an impactful shock and it was wholly powerful. Caroline did a brilliant job of weaving this story together and added plentiful of twist and turns throughout. What stood out for me in this novel is how Caroline has written such engaging, powerful, captivating characters. This is a riveting character-driven novel'

9 stars
Final Rating 9.17 stars

About Caroline England

Caroline England was born and brought up in Yorkshire and studied Law at the University of Manchester. She was a divorce and professional indemnity lawyer before leaving the law to bring up her three daughters and turning her hand to writing. Caroline is the author of The Wife's Secret, previously called Beneath the Skin, and the top-ten ebook bestseller My Husband's Lies. Betray Her is her third novel. She lives in Manchester with her family.

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