#BlogTour | Auxiliary: London 2039 by Jon Richter @LifeBookish @richterwrites #bookreview #Auxiliary #Overviewmedia

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#BlogTour | Auxiliary: London 2039 by Jon Richter @LifeBookish @richterwrites #bookreview #Auxiliary #Overviewmedia

LiarsLiars by Anita Waller, Patricia Dixon
Publisher: Bloodhound Books
Publication Date: May 11, 2020
Pages: 306
Source: Publisher
Genre: Crime, Crime Fiction, Fiction, Pyschological Thriller, Suspense
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One Fatal Night. One Deadly Secret. One Huge Regret.
Wendy and Nell have been best friends since childhood but when someone threatens to ruin their relationship, tough decisions must be made. Nell leaves for France while Wendy embarks on marriage and motherhood.

Both keep in touch, sending letters baring all, or are they?

They hide the truth that homesickness, violence, loneliness and murder form the backdrop of their lives.

Some truths are too hard to face and, as time goes by, shame and fear keep Wendy and Nell apart.

But when a twisted, deceitful face from the past turns up, obsession and heartbreak wreak havoc on their lives. Someone is seeking revenge and recompense. And someone is a killer.

It’s time for Wendy and Nell to face their demons and the truth. But can the bond that has held them together for three decades survive or, will the seismic repercussions of buried secrets break them forever?

Liars is a collaboration between bestselling authors Anita Waller and Patricia Dixon. An unmissable psychological thriller, it will appeal to fans of authors like C.L. Taylor, Fiona Barton and B A Paris.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Rating Report

Detective Carl Dremmler and T Petrovic are investigating the murder of Letitia Karlikowska who's boyfriend Conor McCann claim he's not responsible but his robotic arm is. This turns into a series of homicides. But who is responsible?

Jon has established not only a fascinating thriller but also an interesting concept with the technology named The Imagination Machine ( TIM).

4 stars

Detective Carl Drummer is a flawed character with some funny black humour thrown in. He has a seemingly horrible past with the death of his daughter Natalie. He isn't a lover nor hater of all the new technology, transports and the new alt world as a whole. But it's going to show even with all the tech the world still needs a good detective.

4 stars
Writing Style/Pacing

What I loved the most about this book was Jons descriptive skills and how he makes it seem like you are in a movie. He is wonderfully fantastic at world-building, crafting incredible descriptions, the obvious research that has gone into creating TMI and all the other fabulous intriguing technology, robotics, the driverless pods ( cars).

5 stars

This grabs you from page one and literally takes you into a different world and doesn't let you go until the last page. It is a fast-paced thriller/Sci-Fi.

4 stars
5 stars
Overall Thoughts

This is a bloody fascinating intriguing read that is not only an awesome creepy, gruesome and scary thriller but with a well-crafted and descriptive world-building that is scarily realistic, imaginative and totally captivating. It is fast-paced and honestly really makes you stop and think where the world is going with all the tech that's already about. I would 100% recommend this to both thriller and sci-fi/Cyberpunk fans all around.

4 stars
Final Rating 4.33 stars


About Jon Richter

Jon Richter writes dark fiction, including his two gripping crime thrillers, Deadly Burial
and Never Rest, and his two collections of short horror fiction, volumes one and two
of Jon Richter’s Disturbing Works. His latest novel, cyberpunk noir thriller London
2039: Auxiliary, was released in May 2020.
Jon lives in London and is a self-confessed nerd who loves books, films and video
games – basically any way to tell a great story. He writes whenever he can, and
hopes to bring you more macabre tales in the very near future. He also co-hosts the
Dark Natter podcast, a fortnightly dissection of the greatest works of dark fiction,
available wherever you get your podcast fix.

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