Reviews by Year


Pages read: 13,586

  1. Amazing Grace by Kim Nash
  2. Five Feet Apart by Rachael Lippincott, Mikki Daughtry, Tobias Iaconis
  3. Just Rose: Standalone Novel by L.T. Marshall
  4. Honorable Death by Linda S. Prather
  5. Driven To Murder: by Simon Farrant
  6. Fatal Fortune by Miranda Rijkd
  7. The Man in the House by Emmy Ellis, M. A. Comley
  8. Retriever of Souls (D.I. Sterling Book 1) by Lorraine Mace
  9. Deluded by
  10. The Promise Between Us by Barbara Claypole White
  11. Children in Chains: The much anticipated follow up in the dark and gritty DI Sterling crime series by Lorraine Mace
  12. Dead Inside by Noelle Holten
  13. The Lady in the Street (DI Helena Stratton Book 2) by Emmy Ellis, M. A. Comley
  14. A Face in the Crowd by Kerry Wilkinson
  15. Injections of Insanity: A dark and gritty crime series that pulls no punches (DI Sterling Book 3) by Lorraine Mace
  16. To the Stars and Back: A Glittering Romantic Comedy (First Comes Love Book 4) by Camilla Isley
  17. Black Summer (Washington Poe, #2) by M.W. Craven
  18. What Nobody knew by Amelia Hendrey
  19. The Lost Properties of Love by Sophie Ratcliffe
  20. The Journey by Conrad Jones
  21. The Child in the Tree (DI Helena Stratton Book 3) by Emmy Ellis, M. A. Comley
  22. GIRL WATCHING YOU by J.A. Schneider
  23. Dishonorable Death by
  24. Little Eden by KT King
  25. Cold is the Caller: SOMEONE HAS AN AXE TO GRIND (DI Bethany Smith Book 1) by Emmy Ellis
  26. The Anglesey Murders: Unholy Island by Conrad Jones
  27. The Romantic Prophecy (Zambezi Series, #1) (, ) by Tessa Andrews
  28. The Friendship Pact by Alison James
  29. Know No Evil by Graeme Hampton
  30. Stop At Nothing by Tammy Cohen
  31. Rosebrook Chronicles: The Hidden Stories by Helen J. Christmas
  32. Found by Erin Kinsley
  33. The Secrets of Inishbeg Cove: An emotional page-turner set in Ireland (An Inishbeg Cove Novel Book 1) by Izzy Bayliss
  34. The Darkest Summer: A totally gripping psychological thriller by Ella Drummond
  35. Someone Else's Baby by Ruby Speechley
  36. Wicked Girl by I.V. Olokita
  37. A Cornish Affair by Jo Lambert
  38. Tilly by Patricia Dixon
  39. Willow (The Pepper Lane Club #1) by Grace Parks
  40. Torment by Mark Tilbury
  41. Rage by Netta Newbound
  42. The Murder Pact by
  43. Control by Hugh Montgomery
  44. Roam by Erik Therme
  45. A Cruel Deception by Kim BOOTH
  46. The Regret: an addictive psychological suspense thriller by Dan Malakin
  47. Where the Snow Bleeds by Wendy Dranfield
  48. Here To Stay by Mark Edwards
  49. Hidden by Lisa Sell