D for Dead By Keri Beevis #BookReview @Bloodhoundbook @KERIBEEVIS #DForDead #BloodhoundBooks

April 28, 2020     Ami-May     Book Reviews

D for Dead By Keri Beevis #BookReview @Bloodhoundbook @KERIBEEVIS #DForDead #BloodhoundBooks

D for DeadD for Dead by Keri Beevis
Series: Rebecca Angell Series #1
Publisher: Bloodhounds Books
Publication Date: April 27, 2020
Pages: 438
Source: Publisher
Genre: Crime, Crime Fiction, Fiction, Psychological, Thriller
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*This book was previously published as Dead Write*

Murder is as easy as ABC...

When a teenager is found stabbed to death, detectives Rebecca Angell and Jake Sullivan are called to the scene, and clues soon lead them to a crime novel which the killer has used as gruesome inspiration.

The author, Amy Gallaty, has a new book out, at first prompting Angell and Sullivan to question how far she is prepared to go in the name of promotion. But when Amy attracts the attentions of a stalker and then a second murder mirrors another of her plots, they realize they are up against a cruel and clever psychopath; one who may have a more personal agenda.

Working with the FBI, Angell and Sullivan find themselves in a race against the clock to unlock the secrets in Amy’s past before the killer can strike again.

Rating Report

Murder is as easy as ABC...

Detective Rebecca Angell and Jake Sullivan are working with the FBI, because of them finding a teenager who was stabbed, which is linked to the author Amy Gallaty. The murder is mirroring the plots and murders in her crime fiction series.

M for Murder (#1 in the Rebecca Angell Series) was absolutely fantastic and Keri Beevis has done it again with this gruesome, addictive book. The Plot is just breathtaking, incredibly well constructed with a very absorbing crime and an intelligent psychopathic sick killer on the loose. 

5 stars

Rebecca is now a detective 6 years later after the M for a Murder case. And her character is further well developed, and she is a very relatable character, and she differs from other female detective characters and continues to develop in this book. And I love the relationship between Rebecca and the FBI Agent it brings a new spin into the book. 

Jake Sullivan, Well I absolutely bloody love him. He is one lovable character and I can't wait to see how his personality and personal life continues to develop in further books in this series. 

There are other characters which bring an extra element of humour to this awesome book. 

5 stars
Writing Style/Pacing

She creates eerie, raw, distinctive and tremendous plots with twists and turns aplenty. I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every book that I have read of Keri Beevis. She is a master of crime fiction, a master of relatable personalities through her characters. And she has an epic ability to create exceptionally breathtaking and heart in mouth prologue/opening chapters. 

5 stars

This is a fast-paced book which is a colourful, enthralling, exhilarating and a refreshing crime fiction book.  

5 stars

Bloody Bright Attractive Cover.

5 stars
Overall Thoughts

An eerie, raw, distinctive and tremendous plot with twists and turns aplenty. A Master of crime fiction, a master of relatable personalities through her characters. An epic ability to create exceptionally breathtaking and heart in the mouth prologue/opening chapters. A colourful, enthralling, exhilarating and a refreshing crime fiction. 

5 stars
Final Rating 5 stars

About Keri Beevis

Keri Beevis wrote her first novel at age twenty, but it was a further twenty years before she was published after winning a contract in the Rethink Press New Novels Competition 2012.

Born in the village of Old Catton, less than a mile from where Anna Sewell was living when she wrote Black Beauty, Keri had a passion for reading and writing from a young age, though her tastes veered more to the macabre.

Today she still lives in Norwich, along with her two naughty kitties, Ellie and Lola, and a plentiful supply of red wine (her writing fuel), where she writes a comedic lifestyle column for a local magazine. She loves Hitchcock movies, exploring creepy places, and gets extremely competitive in local pub quizzes. She is also a self-confessed klutz.

Keri joined the Bloodhound team in 2019 and her first release with them, the psychological thriller, Dying To Tell, which is set in her beautiful home county of Norfolk, has been her biggest success to date, with over 1200 four and five star ratings on Goodreads.

Her new novel, Deep Dark Secrets (which was previously published as The Darkness Beneath) was released in January 2020.

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