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March 8, 2020     Ami-May     Book Blogging Posts

Hello everyone, today I have Februarys wrap up for you, although it is slightly late.

What’s Been Happening With Me?…

Hey, Well I have been quiet for a while. But I’m back, I’ve lost 3 Stone through the Ketogenic Diet, all my blood say I am healthy. I am still struggling with Fibromyalgia, M.E/CFS, Bpd, Depression etc. But somehow found a little bit of positivity. It can be incredibly tough to have and maintain a positive mind when your suffering from many chronic illnesses and on top have a lower immune system and fighting of other illnesses.

I’ve made my way back to reading and reviewing books already on my kindle, from netgalley and a few review requests.

Below you will find what I read this month, Book reviews & book posts, books reviews to come and also books im planning on reading.

What I have Read…

What I have Reviewed..

Book Reviews Coming…

  • Won’t You Save Me By Wendy Dranfield
  • The Snow Killer By Ross Greenwood
  • In the Woods By M K Farrar
  • Deep Dark Secrets By Keri Beevis
  • Taken By M.A.Comley
  • Layla’s Song By Paul McCracken
  • Deep Dark Night By Steph Broadibb
  • Her Darkest Fear By Nina Manning
  • The House Guest by Mark Edwards
  • A Wash Of Black By Chris McDonald
  • The Anniversay By Sarah F. Stephens.

Books I’m Reading in March..

Book of the Month…

If you got this far… Please tell me what you have been reading and are planning on reading next?

Thank you for reading my post.

Have a Wonderous Bookish Day!