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July 7, 2020     Ami-May     Book Blogging Posts, Monthly Wrap Ups, Netgalley 2020, Reading 2020, Reading Challenges

Hello and Welcome To June’s Wrap Up.

June Reviews and Posts:

A New Happy Place By Ruth Hanna.
This Time Next Year By Sophie Cousens
The Descent By Matt Brolly.

Hi All, How are you doing in these strange, strange times we are in? How is your reading doing? Have you completed your reading goals?


Well, June was a lot less busy and the last two/three weeks my health has affected my reading and blogging. I can’t stay awake to read but able to watch tele, I’ve become obsessed with ‘Heartland’ on Netflix. Currently on Season 9 of 13. And my brain will not comprehend trying to think nor write. ( This took me way to long to write). It’s flipping annoying.

Reading Goals

I have Currently read 72 /100 towards my Goodreads Reading Goal.

I’m hoping to read more than a 100 books but I always set a realistic goal.


Well, June was definitely the hardest month for me health-wise, been in hospital twice due to high heart rate (120-140), palpations etc. First time in A&E they did every test they could there. Bloods, chest x-ray, ECG, Saline Drip. Recommendation for a blood test for thyroid. Everything was fine, suspected UTI so given antibiotics. 2nd time was pointless. They did blood and ECG and sent home with no answers. I’m already on calcium beta-blockers. But this heart thing has been going on years with no answers. The heart rate, palpations, dizziness etc has gotten worse and it’s frustrating frankly with no answers. I’ve had it is anxiety and infections etc. And my energy levels are shocking, I have M.E and Fibro but this lack of energy is something different. Every time I try to read I fall asleep or too exhausted to read. And it is having an impact on my mental health.

Nevertheless, I hope everybody is okay and staying safe with the new guidelines. And I hope you are reading throughout it all.

Reading this book contributed to these challenges:

  • Reading 2020

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