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Hello and Welcome To May’s Wrap Up.

March Reviews and Posts:

The Devil You Know By Emma Kavanagh. Click the Image to go to Goodreads.
Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers. Click the image to go to Goodreads.
The Secret Letter By Taryn Leigh Click the Image to go to Goodreads. Click Here to view the Cover Reveal.

Hi All, How are you doing in these strange, strange times we are in? How is your reading doing? Have you completed your reading goals?


Well as you can tell above I
had a busy May for me on this blog, I feel like I am finally getting back into the swings of blogging. I have everything organised in a beautiful spreadsheet. And I don’t feel overwhelmed. I am totally obsessively in love with reading again, as I don’t take on too many books and feel like I choose which to read depending on my mood. I’ve definitely discovered that I am very much a mood reader.

Reading Goals

I have Currently read 56/100 towards my Goodreads Reading Goal.

I’m hoping to read more than a 100 books but I always set a realistic goal.


Well, My health has been up and down unfortunately mostly down. My M.E is causing crashes I thought it was due to a U.T.I. But I’m still crashing and suffering from Hyperinsomia. I think it’s due to being out of my routine and not having my support worker. Furthermore, obviously the stress and anxiety with whats going on in the world right now. Starting next week, support worker is allowed to do doorstep visits or tiny walks ( I can’t walk very far and I find it extremely difficult to go out independently even before covid-19.). I’ve been enjoying reading outside in my communal garden for an hour or two in the nice weather. Still missing my family though.

Nevertheless, I hope everybody is okay and staying safe with the new guidelines. And I hope you are reading throughout it all.

Reading this book contributed to these challenges:

  • Reading 2020

4 responses to “Monthly Wrap Up [ May 2020] & Life Update/Chat #bookblogger #wrapup #monthlywrapup #bookreviews #review #bookblogposts #blogging #bookblog #bookbloggers

  1. Christine

    Hi Amy may I know what it’s like in this covid19 nightmare. I suffer with osteoarthritis and depression which has limited my mobility. I’ve been trying to start reading more but always feel so tired so I’m going to make an effort when this is all over. I really feel for you going through each day with your M.E xx

    • Thank you so much. Yeah, it has been difficult mostly due to not being able to have support worker twice a week. But apparently im only a moderate risk but I haven’t taken that risk due to how I’ll I am with simple infections, viruses etc. Yeah I’ve been asleep a lot I feel like my m.e has gone back a million paces. But it’s how it is. Aleast I have books and blogging. I hope you are able to read a lot more it’s very difficult with depression as well. You loose concentration, feel meh and just wanna sleep. But your health comes before anything else.

      Best wishes, Ami- May xxx

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