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#BookReview |Deep Dark Night By Steph Broadribb @OrendaBooks @Crimethrillgirl #LoriAnderson #DeepDarkNight #bookblogger

This is an action-packed thriller, starring Lori Anderson who is a bounty hunter and her partner JT who is working undercover and as her security. They have a mission with FBI Special Agent Alex Monroe. It is a truly gripping and interesting plot that has you completely hooked after a slow start. But it builts and builts […]


#BookReview | Taken By M.A.Com..

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#BookReview | Taken By M.A.Comley #DIKayliBright #Taken #Crimefiction @mel_comleywrite

DI Kayli Bright and DS Dave Chaplin are investigating an auction case. The Victim Jamie Connor and her family went out for the day until Jamie goes back out to grab some things. She is confronted by two teenagers and disappears. As with all Mel’s books, This was a very quick read. It was extremely difficult to pop […]


Won’t You Save Me By Wen..

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Won’t You Save Me By Wendy Dranfield #Book Review #CrimeFiction #Crimeseries #DeanMatheson @WendyDranfield @RubyFiction

An unknown girl is found dumped near the church, she is horrifyingly beaten. Then a child goes missing, plus they find another gruesome murder scene in a flat above the diner. Dean Matheson is back in his hometown, hoping for a fresh start. He has now become a detective with his new partner, Detective Eva Woods […]


Layla’s Song By Paul McC..

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Layla’s Song By Paul McCracken #Book Review #CrimeFiction #ActionThriller #KidnapThriller #Amazon #LaylasSong @PaulMcCracken_

His old gang abducted Micheal’s daughter. He and his brother Carl go on a vast mission to get his daughter back. I read this within two-three hours from beginning to end.  At 198 pages, it is a shorter book that I especially love. Micheal has a straightforward and fastidious nature. Carl Micheal’s brother has a cautious, gentle personality, […]


The Anniversary By Sarah K. St..

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The Anniversary By Sarah K. Stephens #Book Review @Bloodhoundbook @sarahkstephensauthor

Jackson And Mary are in the ‘Honeymooners’ Cabin for their postponed Honeymoon in Poconos, After there very brief romance and marriage. Jackson was working in Australia for 9 Months leaving straight after there wedding.  The Anniversary absorbed me from the explosive dark prologue and it wholly entertained me right to the conclusion. Although this slow-paced at first. I read […]


Monthly Wrap Up | February 202..

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Monthly Wrap Up | February 2020. #wrapup #bookblogger #bookblog #bookblogger #amreading

Hello everyone, today I have Februarys wrap up for you, although it is slightly late. What’s Been Happening With Me?… Hey, Well I have been quiet for a while. But I’m back, I’ve lost 3 Stone through the Ketogenic Diet, all my blood say I am healthy. I am still struggling with Fibromyalgia, M.E/CFS, Bpd, […]


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#Book Review – Rage And Retribution By Lorraine Mace @lomace  @AccentPress  #bookblogger #RageandRetribution

This is the fourth book in the DI Sterling series and what another cracker it was. Lorraine Mace quickly became one of my favourite authors from Book One – Retriever of Souls. As with all her books in this series, it can be read as a standalone, but I highly recommend you start from the […]


#Book Review Born In A Burial ..

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#Book Review Born In A Burial Gown By M.W.Craven @MWCravenUK @LittleBrownUk

I first fell in love with Mikes books when I read The Puppet Show which was a game-changer and probably my favourite book ever to be honest. This book came out years before but his now publisher took them down to re-edit and put new covers in place. And as he debuts novel, you would […]


#Bookreview Trap Door By Dreda..

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#Bookreview Trap Door By Dreda Say Mitchell @DredaMitchell @Bloodhoundbook #psychological #suspense

Another Brillant book by Dreda Say Mitchell, I had the pleasure to read Spare Room, and I was so excited to get an ARC copy of this book. Rachel, the main character is unemployed, in debt, soon to be homeless living in a shared house. But she is lucky enough to be given a month’s […]


Should I Die By M K Farrar &#..

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Should I  Die By M K Farrar & M.A.Comley. @Mel_ComleyWrite @MarissaFarrar #bookreview #shouldidie #thriller

This was such an amazing, fantastic epic end to the crime after crime series. Grace has been looking after her mother who had cancer for years and years, unfortunately, her mother’s cancer ends up finally winning and she dies. Grace is left not knowing what to do, where to go. She is totally grief-stricken and […]