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I am currently open to review requests (updated MAY 2020).

Nevertheless, I only take on requests that I KNOW I can manage and I am 100% enthusiastic about it.  
Please take the time to read the information below, If you have NOT, then I won’t respond to any emails. Having chronic illnesses, my energy levels are extremely low and never at full capability.

While I am reading review requests that are not suitable for my blog, I could be reading.

Thank you. 

I am Ami-May ( or Ami ), 27 years old. An avid reader and book blogger/reviewer.

I have been blogging on and off for years.

I have Chronic illnesses (Fibromyalgia, M.E & Asthma) and Mental health illnesses ( Borderline Personality Disorder, Depression & Anxiety).

My dream is to become a writer/author one day. To find out more about me….

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Below you will find all the genres of books that I read.

Firstly Fiction then Non-Fiction.

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Once you have sent me all the relevant information and I have accepted. I will email you confirming and then I will give you my kindle email address, my address or you can send an email with a mobi file. We will confirm a time frame.

All my book reviews will be 100% honest. If I do NOT like a certain part of the book for example Characters, writing style, etc. I will write these into my reviews respectfully and constructively. I do NOT do author/book bashing EVER. I only share the #booklove & #authorlove. I do not want any hate or negativity on my blog.

If I think the book is a rating of 3 and below or I did NOT finish it, then I will let you know in a polite manner and it won’t be posted on this blog.

I hate DNF a book but due to my chronic illnesses, I refuse to spend my precious energy on books I am not enjoying.

Here is a link to my new rating system in place from 17/06/2020

Click here to go to My Rating Report System Report.

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Thank you for considering me and my blog to read and review your book/s or helping you spread the book love.

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