My Rating Report System

Hello as of May 17th 2020 I have a new rating report system in place. Which you may find all the information you need.

  • 3 to 6 — Good.
  • 7 to 9 — Fantastic.
  • 10 — F×cking Phenomenally.
  • Plot/Narrative
  • Characters
  • Writing/Pacing
  • Setting/Theme
  • Cover
  • Overall Thoughts

Now let me expand on the above.

The Rating Report is the Number I feel and think is correct for each category in the Review Category as well as my Overall Thoughts Report and Review.

I have split my book reviews into distinctive categories like Plot/Narrative, Characters, Writing/Pacing, Setting/Theme, Cover and Overall Thoughts because…

A) This is easier for me to write and its how my brain works.
B) I prefer to expand on different aspects of a book and
C) I hope it is a nice way of seeing if you like a book especially if you tend to focus/favour on individual aspects in a story.


Is it interesting?

Does it expand my mind?

Is it unique?

Does it have tension?


Are the characters well developed?

Do I care or have strong emotions with the characters?

What makes them unique and why?

Are they likeable?

Are they unlikeable but hold my attention?

Are they or can I relate to them?


Is the book engaging, thrilling, enthralling?

Does the author have a unique voice? What and Why does that make them different from others?

Is the book emotive, heartfelt and endearing?

Does the author hold my attention? Am I on the edge of my seat, Am I laughing, Am I crying? Am I Throwing it at the wall?

Can they pace a book well? Is it slow-paced, steady wins the race or fast-paced?

Is the overall story well refined, crafted and created?

Is the book well-edited, good use of grammar and punctuation?


Does the setting feel realistic?

Has the author described the setting well?

How is there world-building skills?

Is the theme or themes portrayed well?

Is the theme/themes powerful and thought-provoking? Or Envoke an emotional response?

Can I connect with the theme?

All my reviews are MY personal unbiased opinion. They are all 100% Truthful. I choose to read and review books. I do NOT accept any form of cash payment or otherwise. I receive an advanced readers copy in exchange for my honest opinion/Book review.

Thank you for Reading.