Reviews by Year


Pages read: 12,017

  1. If I Should Die (Crime after Crime #3) (Crime After Crime #3) by M.K. Farrar, M.A. Comley
  2. Trap Door: the creepiest psychological suspense you will read this year by Dreda Say Mitchell
  3. Born in a Burial Gown (DI Avison Fluke #1) by M.W. Craven
  4. Rage and Retribution (The DI Sterling series) (DI Sterling #4) by Lorraine Mace
  5. Anniversary, The by Sarah K. Stephens
  6. Layla's Song by Paul McCracken
  7. Won't You Save Me (Dean Matheson #3) (Dean Matheson #3) by Wendy Dranfield
  8. TAKEN (DI Kayli Bright Book 6) (DI Kayli Bright #6) by M.A. Comley
  9. Deep Dark Night (Lori Anderson) (Lori Anderson #4) by Steph Broadribb
  10. Knock Knock (Detectives Lockhart and Green Book #1) (Detective Lockhart & Green #1,) by Chris Merritt
  11. Her Darkest Fear by Nina Manning
  12. Cut You Dead (Dr. Samantha Willerby Mystery #4) by A.J. Waines
  13. Ash Mountain by Helen Fitzgerald
  14. Silenced For Good by Alex Coombs
  15. Resident, The by David Jackson
  16. What You've Done by J.A. Schneider
  17. Wrong Victims , The (Angel & Haines #2) by Graham H. Miller
  18. Prey by L.A. Larkin
  19. D for Dead by Keri Beevis
  20. Life We Almost Had, The by Amelia Henley
  21. One MISTAKE by Rona Halsall
  22. Auxiliary: London 2039 by Jon Richter
  23. Soul Killer, The (The DI Barton Series #2) by
  24. Liars by Anita Waller, Patricia Dixon
  25. Remember Me by Amy McLellan
  26. Eye Thief , The (DI Erica Swift Thriller #1) by
  27. Little Eden (LITTLE EDEN #1) by KT King
  28. Little Eden Another Magic Book (LITTLE EDEN #2) by KT King
  29. Girl, Lost by Vikki Patis
  30. Lies She Told, The (DI SARA RAMSEY #7) by
  31. Little Bookshop of Love Stories, The by Jaimie Admans
  32. MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part XIX: 2020 Annual (1882-1890), The by David Marcum, Thomas A. Turley
  33. MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part XX: 2020 Annual (1891-1897), The by David Marcum, Thomas A. Burns Jr.
  34. MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part XXI: 2020 Annual (1898-1923), The by David Marcum
  35. Curator (Washington Poe, #3), The by
  36. #MeToo: this year's MUST READ psychological suspense by Patricia Dixon
  37. Nothing Man, The by Catherine Ryan Howard
  38. You Are Mine: a gripping psychological suspense by Diana Wilkinson
  39. Lies I Tell, The by Joel Hames
  40. Last One To See Her, The by Mark Tilbury
  41. Rabbit Hole by Jon Richter
  42. Lost Girls, The by Helen Pryke
  43. I Know The Truth by MA Comley
  44. Perfect Marriage, The by Jeneva Rose
  45. Dead Tell Lies: an absolutely gripping mystery thriller, The by J.F. Kirwan
  46. Betray Her by Caroline England
  47. For the Love of... (DI Sara Ramsey Book 8) (DI Sara Ramsey #8) by
  48. Refuge: A Mountain Ranch Novel (Mountain Ranch Series #1) by Willa J. Brand