Wrapping It Up [ March 2020] & Life Update/Chat #bookblogger #wrapups #bookreviews #review #bookblogposts

March 31, 2020     Ami-May     Book Blogging Posts

Hello and Welcome To March’s Wrap Up.

March Reviews and Posts:

Hey, Hope everyone is okay during this frankly fu#%ed up global pandemic. It’s awfully anxiety-inducing. If your #stayingathome, are you getting lots of reading time in? Think we could all use some quite reading time in the world of mayhem and madness atm.

As well as reading and reviewing, I am also doing a diploma and intermediate criminology course bought from Groupon to help keep me well and truly distracted because obviously, I am not seeing my parents, any and all face to face support to has stopped, luckily still getting telephone support. But Yeah I depend on my support worker/carer twice a week to get shopping, get fresh air, different scenery, help in and around the house and keep my mental health as manageable as possible. I have never been so grateful for my cat right now and she’s being extra mardy and loving.

Anyway, what are you all doing? What are you reading? Are you struggling with anxiety? What are doing to help stabilise yourself?


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